The sky was blue much like her.

Her heart over flowing with emotions, like a flood ready to hit. And her mind exploding with thoughts as fast as a tornado on its way.

She stood bare foot glued to the ground, her eyes open wide, her face could feel every breeze that came and she felt as if she could smell the salt of the sea that resided meters below from where she was. She asked herself,moving swiftly to the edge of the cliff, ‘If I jump will I die or will I fly? If I die would it really make a difference to this world? Will the people I hold close to me even notice? But what if I fly? Will the world notice the angel embedded in me?’

The chances of flying do seem slim she reminded herself.

‘To jump or not to jump’-the question still remains, the words echoed in her mind. She took a deep breath looked behind her still pondering about whether the answers that she demanded were to be put to experiment. Her eyes stared from the edge of the cliff.

‘It is now or never’a tiny voice in her head bellowed. The time had come for her to decide. ‘This is it’ – she told herself and felt her heart thumping hard, as she closed her eyes tears trickled down her flawless face.

At that instant she made her move. She took a step. Backwards. She took another step; backwards. She then opened her eyes, put a gruesome smile on her wet face and said out loud, ‘Dear death I’ll await for you till the very end.’


Though death is inevitable, we must all learn to live the right way. Everyone dies and will dies but it’s not about your death. It is how well you’ve lived that genuinely counts. Every grain of sand has the potential to take part in the furious sand storm but not all choose to does so. Likewise, every human being on this very planet has the power to something great, to make a change, heal the world or to leave a mark though not all choose to do so. Your future may be fixed but you are the shaper of your own destiny. The battles you go through in this life are the reasons for your strength, passion, courage and success later on. And will be reasons of your victory in the hereafter.

For a human to wish he were an angel is unfortunate because angels don’t taste death!