Memories-Chapter 3 — September 14, 2017

Memories-Chapter 3

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dividerOnce upon a time….umm half a decade ago? During holidays my mother insisted that I get up from bed because I had slept enough.There was no use of protest because she wouldn’t give up and make sure that I’m out of bed. So I thought she wants me off this bed and I did that.And still half asleep walked silently into her empty bedroom and fell asleep there.As I fell asleep my thoughts awakened and  were running wild and I was assembling words in my dream after I had made up two sentenced that made a little sense, I couldn’t stop.Thus, a poem was born in my head.

However, the only problem now was to remember the poem.We all know that there are tonnes of dreams that we forget as soon as we get up. I didn’t wish to forget this.The sound of  my mother calling me distracted me from my thoughts and concentration of trying to save the poem in my mind.Finally, I got up and with my eyes half closed went to my bedroom and without doing a thing grabbed a piece of paper and clumsily searched for a pencil and jot down every word I could remember.Some may think that was a clever thing to do nonetheless no one knows how horrible my handwriting was plus, the amount of time it took for me to actually decode the text later one.Anyway, here it is.I won’t explain it I’ll let you wonder.

P.S it was a gift for my parents.They were proud of it. 🙂 (Obviously it’s kiddish but it is also raw.My sister actually suggested that I share a picture, but I don’t want your eyes to get a heart attack by looking at my handwriting. You’ve welcome. 😛 )

As told by the rose

Don’t let the thorns fool you
I am a fragile bud

Just give me some time to settle in
and have some fun

Surely after all this
I’m sure a day will come

I will be all grown up
with petals like pink bubble gum

Though my thorns will be pointy
they won’t matter much

Ad by seeing the petals
they won’t be remembered much

I’m sure a day will come
when all this won’t be the same

My thorns won’t be stiff and strong
my petals won’t to look the same

Also that I’ll look wrinkled and dry
and my petals begin to fall

don’t worry about me because
that is what’s going to happen to all

even though they might be better than
or they may not be good at all

This ‘is’ what will happen to all

l just leave me and let me fade away
and don’t worry about me at all

But before all this I want you to know

I want to ask for forgiveness from you
for doing wrong to you all

Because you are the best parents anyone
could ever wish hope to wish for (at all)

*Be sure to remember me in your prayer
And In sha Allah! we’ll meet in heaven
where all those who ask for forgiveness before they die are.*


Inspiration — January 23, 2016


My first time participating for the..

Tan tan taaa!

So this months theme for TTT is

To Inspire

So here I am trying to write something related to the topic. XD Jade,don’t kill me if it’s too bad.

If you ask me what inspiration my is.My answer would probably a mess.Like this:

I don’t know.I guess my inspiration can be anything! *o* Sometimes it’s just I try to hold on to the words rushing in my head, so maybe my inspiration are my thoughts? Sometimes I just look at a pic or a scene I if I feel the scene or ponder about,I just try to put it into words. :’) At times someones actions that inspire me.

Maybe it’s the way that the grains of sand stick to my feet or how the blue sky makes we want to take flight.Perhaps it’s the way how the world is so broken,dry and scary yet we have strings of thoughts,pocket of good deed and a big sack of hope that still keeps the earth intact.That sometimes inspires me..?

I’m still figuring out the answer.All I know for now is that my answer cannot ever possibly be completed.Traveling through time we find ourselves in different paths,accompanied by various thoughts,emotions.experiences,tales and the list goes on.One thing is confirmed,we are never satisfied thus is the case with my reply to ‘What is your inspiration?’

Inspiration can be anything and everything.You show me high beautiful mountains and I may not be inspired at all. The way I noticed the dust beneath my feet.Trust me I can end up being inspired and would write about my thoughts! 🙂


Once a friend of mine had a display picture of a heart but it seemed very unique.At first I liked it and told myself to compliment.The next time I saw the picture,I changed my mind.That dp was beautiful but when I started connecting my thoughts and noticed the other side of it,it didn’t look good anymore.Thus,I ended up writing about it. 🙄


I wish I could show you the picture but I can’t seem to find it. :/  Anyway,here goes…

Hope in a human being;no word can wholly describe it,verily.The intensity of hope in a humans heart differs,always.Hope has always been unique,pleasing and undoubtedly phenomenal.

Like snowflakes,perhaps.The delicate creativity withheld in them is immeasurable.
Similar to hope,they reside in different parts,different lands and also in different hearts.
The sight if when all those inexplicable and unexampled little figures,descend from the chilled sky is absolutely,to die for.They have something to show the world.They display natures magic.
Similarly,hope shows the world the enchantment of tiny variety of emotions growing into a lovely form with rare and beautiful endings.

The miserable fact is the fact is that the snowflakes don’t always fall in every place or every land.Hope isn’t always born,doesn’t always stay.It does not occupy every heart,every day.At times all a human heart has is the four chambers of vacuum.
The melancholy of this tale doesn’t end here.
Whats more depressing is to see those beauties be melted by warmth.
It is even more painful to let a hearts hope burn away or more specifically evaporate into the air.Leaving behind the atmosphere in the heart dark,dull and worst of all hopeless.

There is not one reason,but more,for why hope vanishes.
It could be a seemingly logical comment,thrown up like spears that are aimed straight for the heart,to shatter it to bits!Or it could be a smirk on a stern face that indicated that the worst is yet to happen.Or even one of those thoughts that make you feel worthless!

The very important thing to keep in your mind is that just like snow flakes hope will return and that itself is hope.A spark hope that lights the heart.similar to the first snowflake you see in winter. ❤

~INKY (I’m back to posting on Saturdays.)

~This my 50th post. Yay! 😎 ~


Food Challenge — December 13, 2015

Food Challenge

Salam/Hi everyone!

Remember I did 3 Day Quotes Challenge previously?

Well,here I am with another sweet challenge. 😛

I was nominated for this by the bunnyblog02 from  Bunny blogsite.

You should definitely check out his post here.It will make your mouth water,maybe. ^^’


  1. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  2. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favourite food(so He/She can also give it a try if they like. 🙂 )
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

My favourite dish is Murgh(Chicken)Pulaou.It is a very common dish in my country.Easy to cook,yummy to eat. I’m sure alot of you out there would have tried it.However,you haven’t tried the one that I have. 😉

That’s because my mother makes THE BEST PULAO in the world (Nazar na lag jai 🙄 warna mera kia hoga :/ so MashaAllah,MashaAllah and Alhamdulillah!)

Ohkay so this lady seriously has magic! ❤ I tell her if you open up a restaurant you will kick out alot of people from business.But then I think most Desi moms cook very well SubhanAllah!(plus expect their children to do the same.) 😕

A friend of my mother was moving to another country (England or Scotland I forgot.) I remember her saying to  my mother that even if someone adds poison to your pulao I will without hesitation eat it.Yes,she said that 😮 I remember.Now the funny thing is that everyone agrees to this.I love my mother’s Chicken Pulao.People say she makes it just like my grandmother.

I wish I could take a picture and post it here but I guess I will just take from the net.So here..

maxresdefaultDid you know the word pulao/pilau is in the Oxford dictionary?I remember being so surprised when I saw it in mine.

So My Master Chef Mama ( awh that’s a cute title XD ) has shared her recipe with me which is both awesome and dangerous.Awesome because I can make Pulaou whenever I want with her recipe.Dangerous because it might not always taste the same,it never will I think.AND,what if she says now you make it… since I know the recipe and procedure.I will be deprived of such a lovely dish made by her.Ooh scary,what a tragedy that’ll be! 😥

Anyway,I have made Chicken Pulao a few times.  It turned out well.Just that the first time,I forgot to add salt. XD I was so tensed about all the spices,I focused more on that.Oh and I was in the kitchen having my mwuahahah moment as i didn’t add much red chilli power and I like it that way.Funny thing is that when we started eating she( my mother) toldl me she added some chilli powder.

Evil plan,flopped! :/ Puwan puwan puwaaan…

Anyway,let’s not forget that FOOD is a blessing from ALLAH SWT.He gave us so much it,so much of variety,people to make it for us,people who have fed us,been there to make sure that we don’t choke on something,people who would change their whole menu for the night just because the kid is sick and parents don’t want him/her to feel left out.How beautiful is that? ❤ We can never  thank Him enough,even we need to pay thanks for this thought that we should thank him.As we are always rewarded for our intentions.SubhnaAllah and Alhamdulillah!

Now,I remembered something from what I have written above.Hehe 🙄

My mother made Pulao once and I obviously very much enjoyed.After dinner,I just sat and was staring out of the window.She came and sat next to me and asked me what I was thinking of.I replied and quickly told her that dinner was yummy.She smiled and told me to Thank ALLAH SWT.She does that almost everytime. If someone says..’hmm this is yummy’She replies to it by saying: Allahumma lakal hamd wa lakashukr.Thus,we are also reminded of remembering Allah and thanking him.

Back to the story.So she said to thank Allah and then she asked me ‘Did you ask for it?’I asked..’for what’.She said..’ for the food’ and added,’There are alot of people in the world who don’t have food,you have so much of it.Did you even ask for it?’

This is just a summary of what she said.The way she said it was just touched me.It made me wonder.Breakfast,snacks,lunch,tea time,dinner,desserts.When was the time I asked for it?He gave me so much always.You had donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast? Yummy! But did you ask Allah for it? Did you thank him?

I sometimes feel ashamed of eating so much ( by that I don’t mean over eat,I don’t over eat.I can’t over eat.) Eating so much more than alot of people in the world,I feel like I am a beast who just feast.(That rhymes FYI :P)

Alhamdulillah for all that He has given us.

I nominate…

  1. Sulphur man who wrote Clueless Guys Dining.
  2. Sana Khan who is making comics like these My Comic Life. AND ALSO cooks.
  3. Soaib from Mera Blog.
  4. Saiz from his
  5. Khushboo Singh.. her blog
  6. Nayaab from Elegies and aches.
  7. Hiba
  8. Ishma Imroz
  9. Spicylife
  10. And everyone who is reading this post at the moment!

If you’re lazy,you can tell me what you like best in the comments.but it’ll just prove that you aren’t accepting the challenge.



Wingless Flight! — August 22, 2015

Wingless Flight!


The sky was blue much like her.

Her heart over flowing with emotions, like a flood ready to hit. And her mind exploding with thoughts as fast as a tornado on its way.

She stood bare foot glued to the ground, her eyes open wide, her face could feel every breeze that came and she felt as if she could smell the salt of the sea that resided meters below from where she was. She asked herself,moving swiftly to the edge of the cliff, ‘If I jump will I die or will I fly? If I die would it really make a difference to this world? Will the people I hold close to me even notice? But what if I fly? Will the world notice the angel embedded in me?’

The chances of flying do seem slim she reminded herself.

‘To jump or not to jump’-the question still remains, the words echoed in her mind. She took a deep breath looked behind her still pondering about whether the answers that she demanded were to be put to experiment. Her eyes stared from the edge of the cliff.

‘It is now or never’a tiny voice in her head bellowed. The time had come for her to decide. ‘This is it’ – she told herself and felt her heart thumping hard, as she closed her eyes tears trickled down her flawless face.

At that instant she made her move. She took a step. Backwards. She took another step; backwards. She then opened her eyes, put a gruesome smile on her wet face and said out loud, ‘Dear death I’ll await for you till the very end.’


Though death is inevitable, we must all learn to live the right way. Everyone dies and will dies but it’s not about your death. It is how well you’ve lived that genuinely counts. Every grain of sand has the potential to take part in the furious sand storm but not all choose to does so. Likewise, every human being on this very planet has the power to something great, to make a change, heal the world or to leave a mark though not all choose to do so. Your future may be fixed but you are the shaper of your own destiny. The battles you go through in this life are the reasons for your strength, passion, courage and success later on. And will be reasons of your victory in the hereafter.

For a human to wish he were an angel is unfortunate because angels don’t taste death!

THE MOON THAT NIGHT — August 14, 2015


There I was thinking of starting the night prayer and suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of the night sky. There it was. The lovely moon, outside the cozy house where I was. To my surprise the moon wasn’t the colour which it usually is.

I sometimes assume it is despicable if human beings think that the moon is the same colour throughout the month or the night, well at least they know it changes shape. We unfortunately don’t take the time to see how beautiful and absolutely unique every part of nature is!

Perhaps it is all those coloured lights in the city, or the tall funky looking buildings, or maybe the life style of how busy all humans are these days that serves as a distraction to when nature deserves some attention. At the end of the day it is undoubtedly our fault that we missed it when that purple petunia blossomed from a tiny bud. Again without any objection or confusion it is our loss when we missed the sun set, a mystical and peaceful scene to be truly admired! It is our loss when we missed the moon rise or the time of the day when the sky changed colour from whitish blue to sky blue to dark greyish blue.

Back to where I was, the moon was bright and seemed almost full. The colour on the other hand was something that sought attention. The moon with all its lovely flaws, the dark beauty marks, was a smooth shade of rust with a hint of honey. The miserable yet astonishing part was I had looked at the moon for less than a second. I would have obviously forgotten the whole world and stare at that miraculously alluring moon. However my thoughts which were to be action were interrupted by the sound of this very beautiful, caring and lovely lady, my mother. She had called me to help her with something. I rushed to her with the thought in my mind, to do nothing and without fail take a picture of the moonlit night sky, no matter how cheap the quality of the photo may turn out to be.

As soon as I had reached to where she was about to tell me what my chore was ,I cut her off and spat the words asking her if I could go take a picture of the moon, she obviously had no objection ever to this sort of thing. The only catch was I had to first help her with what she asked me to. I hurriedly started the task and in the middle, I reminded her that I had to go take a picture of the moon. As expected this time with a slightly annoying yet humorous tone she told me that the moon isn’t going to run away, I believed her and had obviously had known that. I knew the night had only begun, but I was bursting with joy, impatiently bursting with joy to be honest, to admire and capture such a pleasing scene.

As soon as I did what my mother had asked me to I just flew to the place where I previously was. To my dismay, the moon was almost entirely devoured by the dark grey blue clouds, the only sign that said the moon was here was the fading light orange scratch on the dark sky. That mark gave me hope that the moon will not instantly, but eventually come out of the dark. I waited and waited and waited some more. Albeit I changed my plan of waiting and started the night prayer, keeping in mind that I will make a quick check after few Rakahs.I did so, to my disappointment and bad luck maybe, even that mark had disappeared and I just had given up! A part of me said you lost the moon tonight, the other side said the nights still young, wait some more. Well, yin yang I guess?

I didn’t wish to keep waiting so I just continued with my Salah. Though I kept searching for the moon after a specific time interval, I didn’t find it. I tried to convince myself to just ignore and forget the scene that had now been instilled in my head. I wish I could re watch it a few billion times till my heart’s content.

I continued what I was doing and after some time I just felt this is going to be the last time I’m going to look. I went to again hope to see that moon, but sadly I didn’t see it. The amazing thing was while looking I just sighed and bent my head  a little,out of disappointment, and saw the moon! I felt I could hear my mother’s sentence in my head. The moon had now defeated the dark clouds and was now shining there in front of my little eyes in the position I least expected! Though this time it was light yellowish and shining brighter than before. SubhanAllah!

I was euphoria stricken.

Good things come to those who wait, I suppose. I took a lot of pictures, a lot of which I deleted because of poor quality. The highlight was I was satisfied with myself.

Mission Accomplished!

To anyone who is curious about seeing the picture,here:

Bad quality? Ha, I warned you.
Bad quality?
Ha, I warned you.