Your eyes — November 7, 2020

Your eyes

Sometimes you don’t need to hear the tale of torture that some has been gone through.

Sometimes you only need to take a glimpse of their eyes.

Because the eyes say things that cannot be verbalized.

And you my love, I know you’ve crossed oceans of melancholy and defeated storms of depression to get to where you are now.

For that I consider you a heroine.

~12:28 14th April 2020


Black ink 🖤 — February 12, 2020
Feeling with no feeling —
Ramadan Mubarak — May 5, 2019
My name — March 15, 2019

My name

It doesn’t hurt,
the way it used to.

I’m immuned to the pain.

Barrier to the
With my barrel of

and the match for the

Pain’s the name of the
and I play with
My Name.



Jummah 🖤 — November 24, 2017
Winds of change — November 13, 2017
Day 18 Tunnels — October 19, 2017
Day 6: To do — October 6, 2017

Day 6: To do

Things to do before Sunday

Study for CIS quiz.
Solve questions for dipole.
Revise Surah Muddathir again.
Decide what to wear for the wedding.
Try to have ideas for other word prompts.
Sort out of all the needed and not needed books.
Water the new plant.
Write for S and A.
Help a friend with her assignment.
Get in touch with cousins.
Give  last year notes.
Experiment making granola bars.
Write in diary. (Before I forget it exists.)
Write an intro/about page for Blog.
Work on another memories post.
Take a good sky photo.
Post the Oct challenge post.

None of these things are done.Except for the last one. 😦 I don’t expect to get all these things done anyway. That’s the thing about my ‘To do’ lists, I get work done eventually or even skip some things.

Gaah a better post tomorrow, let us hope. </3 Pray for me, coming week is quiet hectic. :(

Good night. 😀


What my blog could have been called.. — September 6, 2017

What my blog could have been called..

This is a different type of post. 😊

I’ll be sharing a list out of which I choose Accidentally Inked for my blog domain name on WP. Some are very weird with zero sense.

You have been warned. 😂

  1. Leaked thoughts 
  2. Burning ink (imagine a pen on fire) 🔥 
  3. Leaked Inked thoughts (what even)🤔
  4. Catching words (imagine someones holding a net and words falling from the sky)
  5. Accidentally Inked (Winner!) 💜
  6. Moonlover (I am a Selenophile afterall)🌛
  7. Flying thoughts 💭 ✈ 
  8. Day dream come true (Honest!)
  9. Purplephille person 
  10. Bidde iktub (which translates to I wanna write in Syrian dialect…I hope 😅 or else my Arabic…I’m inventing my own Arabic.)
  11. Sprayed thoughts
  12. Firing words 🔫 
  13. Words on stage (you’re thinking whether or not I have a mental issue..huh? 😐
  14. Words staged 😔 
  15. Forest of words (sigh)
  16. Blast of thoughts (face palm)
  17. Penned with a feather 😎 

Was it hard for you to decide a name for your blog?

If my blog wasn’t accidentally Inked what would/should it be from the list above? 😂