Gates of tomorrow — January 24, 2021

Gates of tomorrow

Every rose has its thorns,
For every smile a frown is born.

Every step leads to a path,
Either you get success or face the wrath.

Every time you witness joy,
With it, dear, you must never toy.

For the gates of tomorrow are open wide,
chances will come to you like high tide.

The choice is yours. Go, see what you find,
If you consider yourself, one who respects time.

Will you travel back to the past,
and have your wish, fulfilled at last?

Will you race through the memory lane to the lines,
Or will you let your dark scars heal with time?

Gates of tomorrow wait for no man,
Make your decision as fast as you can.

But you must hear what I have to say my child,
You have my word, you won’t be beguiled.

Here is the thing with present and past,
In one you need to compete for space, the other is vast.

Flash floods of pain might make your way,
If in the past you wish to stay.

But if you decide to step into tomorrow,
Beware,  there are chances of both, joy and sorrow.

At least the future holds some mystery,
For those who yearn to be careless and free.



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Alive —


The blog has been so dead. Despite myself and people reminding me to post.

So here I am, again, after ages trying to give some life to this place. (By posting a mix of old and new pieces.)

Doesn’t matter if people even see these posts or not. Because point is to revive this blog and my confidence in sharing my work with people. It is high time, I muster up the courage, try to believe in myself and just put my stuff out there. Even if no one ends up reading it. Ahahhaha. 😀 This place is like my baby and I should not ignore it (though I already have).

24th Jan 2021 (was almost about to type 2020 hehehhe 😛 )

Poison and antidote —
Photo 35 —
Your eyes — November 7, 2020

Your eyes

Sometimes you don’t need to hear the tale of torture that some has been gone through.

Sometimes you only need to take a glimpse of their eyes.

Because the eyes say things that cannot be verbalized.

And you my love, I know you’ve crossed oceans of melancholy and defeated storms of depression to get to where you are now.

For that I consider you a heroine.

~12:28 14th April 2020


Black ink 🖤 — February 12, 2020
Feeling with no feeling —
Ramadan Mubarak — May 5, 2019
My name — March 15, 2019

My name

It doesn’t hurt,
the way it used to.

I’m immuned to the pain.

Barrier to the
With my barrel of

and the match for the

Pain’s the name of the
and I play with
My Name.



Moment — September 17, 2018