Day 1: Angel — October 2, 2017

Day 1: Angel

Zoya from this awesome blog said that I should give the writing prompt a go and here I am. ONE DAY LATE….I know. 😝

Btw don’t forget to read this lovely post by Safiyah
Last year some people in the University had organised this small activity where you write a note to you someone.Butit could be anything like a ridiculously funny joke, an apology, a confession or simply something sweet for appreciation. BUT the notes had to remain anonymous.The group who orgamised this would send a team memeber to then deliver the mesaage (and any other item that you sent) without saying a word of who it’s from.

I too participated in this and sent note to a lovely friend of mine.As I reached home I soon discovered that she had figured out it was me and was very very happy for what I had written for her.The next day while I was waiting for the Proffessor to make her entry a student whom I’d never seen before came up to me and handed me a small piece of paper. Better late than never, huh?! You guesses it! I got a note  from a friend. Amongst all usual Uni stress and having a bad day, reaching home late etc. this note was something that gave me positive energy and a reason to smile more. Alhamdulillah for such lovely friends. 💖 

Now you must me wondering how is all this related to the word prompt ANGEL.Umm thank you for your patience that you read rill here. Haha! Well, the girl who gave me the note, her name/nickname is Angel. 😇

To say thank you to her I wrote a little something that I’d like to share.
​Pieces of paper, before me stands. 

Unexpected beauty, I did not demand. 
Words in mauve, in my hand.

Heart full of joy, oh so Grand.
Given from a friend, I should foever thank.

Because she’s an Angel, of high rank.


Memories-Chapter 3 — September 14, 2017

Memories-Chapter 3

You can also read MEMORIES INTRO and Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

dividerOnce upon a time….umm half a decade ago? During holidays my mother insisted that I get up from bed because I had slept enough.There was no use of protest because she wouldn’t give up and make sure that I’m out of bed. So I thought she wants me off this bed and I did that.And still half asleep walked silently into her empty bedroom and fell asleep there.As I fell asleep my thoughts awakened and  were running wild and I was assembling words in my dream after I had made up two sentenced that made a little sense, I couldn’t stop.Thus, a poem was born in my head.

However, the only problem now was to remember the poem.We all know that there are tonnes of dreams that we forget as soon as we get up. I didn’t wish to forget this.The sound of  my mother calling me distracted me from my thoughts and concentration of trying to save the poem in my mind.Finally, I got up and with my eyes half closed went to my bedroom and without doing a thing grabbed a piece of paper and clumsily searched for a pencil and jot down every word I could remember.Some may think that was a clever thing to do nonetheless no one knows how horrible my handwriting was plus, the amount of time it took for me to actually decode the text later one.Anyway, here it is.I won’t explain it I’ll let you wonder.

P.S it was a gift for my parents.They were proud of it. 🙂 (Obviously it’s kiddish but it is also raw.My sister actually suggested that I share a picture, but I don’t want your eyes to get a heart attack by looking at my handwriting. You’ve welcome. 😛 )

As told by the rose

Don’t let the thorns fool you
I am a fragile bud

Just give me some time to settle in
and have some fun

Surely after all this
I’m sure a day will come

I will be all grown up
with petals like pink bubble gum

Though my thorns will be pointy
they won’t matter much

Ad by seeing the petals
they won’t be remembered much

I’m sure a day will come
when all this won’t be the same

My thorns won’t be stiff and strong
my petals won’t to look the same

Also that I’ll look wrinkled and dry
and my petals begin to fall

don’t worry about me because
that is what’s going to happen to all

even though they might be better than
or they may not be good at all

This ‘is’ what will happen to all

l just leave me and let me fade away
and don’t worry about me at all

But before all this I want you to know

I want to ask for forgiveness from you
for doing wrong to you all

Because you are the best parents anyone
could ever wish hope to wish for (at all)

*Be sure to remember me in your prayer
And In sha Allah! we’ll meet in heaven
where all those who ask for forgiveness before they die are.*


The Unique Award —

The Unique Award

I was nominated for this award by a lovely blogger you should check her blog here!

Thanks so much for nominating me! ❤ 😀 I’ll copy paste from her blog haha.

The Unique Award is basically all about getting to know other bloggers and celebrating what makes their blogs unique. Here are the rules: • Thank your nominator• Answer the questions that your nominator left for you •  Nominate 5-10 people (and let them know) • Set questions for your nominees to answer.Here goes.

1.Three words for how you would describe yourself.

Simple, kiddish and talkative.

2. What do you do when you’re negative?

Cry, write, just think,think and think some more.

3. Is there a wall you could stare at for ages?


4. One place you’d like to just sit and think?

That would be a quiet and lonely place. Haha.

5. Are cats smarter than humans?




Sana Khan

Ameena k.g


Aisha Id



What’s the best thing you like about your blog?

What do you tell yourself to convince yourself so that you stay positive when something bad happens?

Do you like books? If yes, what did you last read?

Do you think it’s okay to be scared of cats?


That’s all for now. 🙂




What my blog could have been called.. — September 6, 2017

What my blog could have been called..

This is a different type of post. 😊

I’ll be sharing a list out of which I choose Accidentally Inked for my blog domain name on WP. Some are very weird with zero sense.

You have been warned. 😂

  1. Leaked thoughts 
  2. Burning ink (imagine a pen on fire) 🔥 
  3. Leaked Inked thoughts (what even)🤔
  4. Catching words (imagine someones holding a net and words falling from the sky)
  5. Accidentally Inked (Winner!) 💜
  6. Moonlover (I am a Selenophile afterall)🌛
  7. Flying thoughts 💭 ✈ 
  8. Day dream come true (Honest!)
  9. Purplephille person 
  10. Bidde iktub (which translates to I wanna write in Syrian dialect…I hope 😅 or else my Arabic…I’m inventing my own Arabic.)
  11. Sprayed thoughts
  12. Firing words 🔫 
  13. Words on stage (you’re thinking whether or not I have a mental issue..huh? 😐
  14. Words staged 😔 
  15. Forest of words (sigh)
  16. Blast of thoughts (face palm)
  17. Penned with a feather 😎 

Was it hard for you to decide a name for your blog?

If my blog wasn’t accidentally Inked what would/should it be from the list above? 😂

Memories-Chapter 2 — September 4, 2017

Memories-Chapter 2

You can also read MEMORIES INTRO and Chapter 1.
Long time no post, yeah?  🙄This is an Urdu post.I would actually not mind just putting Roman but I put myself to the challenge/stopped being lazy and typed it in Urdu.Though idk if anyone will read it.Okay and there is roman Urdu  down there.


جہاں تک مجھے یاد ہے وہ آسمانی اور گرے کپڑوں میں بہت اچھی لگتی تھیں۔ہاں لانکےجب وہ ڈارک رنگ کے کپڑے پہنتی تھیں تو زیادہ جوان لگتی تھیں۔لیکن مجھے وہ پھیکے رنگ کے شلوار کمیض میں اور ایک پتلی سی چٹیا کے ساتھ اچھی لگتی تھیں۔

دو پہر کے کھانے کے بعد مجھے اپنے کمرے میں بلاتی تھیں اور دل نا بھی چاہے تب بھی باتیں کرتی تھیں۔انکے صاف ستھرے کمرے کے کونے میں انکا ایک چھوٹا سا فرج تھا جس میں دے چھوٹے والے چم چم اور گلاب جامن اپنے پاس بھٹا کے دیتی تھیں۔میں تو میٹھے کی شوقین تھی اور اب بھی ہوں تو خوب مزے لے کر کھاتی تھی۔اسکے بعد دادی تھوڑی دیر لیٹتی تھیں تو مجھے بھی آرام کرنے کو کہتی تھیں۔تو پھر میں بھی لیٹ جاتی تھی لیکن جیسے ہی انکی آنکھ لگتی تھیں میں چھپکے سے دبے پاؤں باہر نکل آتی تھی۔بھلا ہم بھی بچے تھے کھیلنے کا موقع ہاتھ سے جانے دیں؟

 😛 !ہو ہی نہیں سکتا

جب کسی بھائی کو تنگ کر کے بھاگتی تھی اور بھائی پیچھے بھاگ رہے ہوتے تھے تو بس ہم بھاگ کے دادی کے پیچھے چھپ جاتے تھے۔اور پھر کیا ہوتا تھا بھائی کو ڈانٹ پٹ جاتی تھی چاہے جسکی بھی غلطی ہو۔میں نے تنگ کیا ہو یا انہوں نے۔’ کیوں ستا رہے ہو بچی کو۔’ یہ بولتی تھیں وہ! پھر کبھی کسی بھائی کو بلاتی تھیں اور کہتی تھیں اسکے لئے یہ والی ببل اور وہ والی ٹافی اور نوڈل دکان سے لے آؤ۔پھر بالکل یہ جملہ بولتی تھیں،’بھاگ کے جاؤ اور دوڑ کے آ نا۔’

میں انھیں بہت بہادر سمجھتی تھی وہ اپنے آپ کو انجکشن جو لگاتی تھیں، بغیر روے۔ اور ہم تو ضرور روتے تھے انجکشن کبھی لگنا ہو تو۔ بھلا ہمیں کیا سمجھ آتی تھی کے دادی جو انجکشن لگاتی تھیں وہ انسولین کا تھا۔

سب انکا بہت احترام کرتے تھے۔ مجھے انکی شکل اچھی طرح یاد ہے۔آخری دفع جب انکو دیکھا تھا انکے کمرے کی سیٹنگ بھی یاد ہے۔ وہ جس رنگ کا انکا برقع تھا وہ رنگ بھی یاد ہے۔ مگر افسوس کی بات یہ ہے کہ اب وہ اس دنیا میں نہیں ہیں لیکن انکی یادیں ابھی بھی ایک دم ہمارے دل و دماغ میں تازہ ہیں۔وہ میری دادی امی تھیں۔
اس پوسٹ کا مقصد یہ ہے کے ہم اپنے بزورگوں کو جو اب ہمارے ساتھ اس دنیا میں نہیں ہیں انکو اپنی دواؤں میں ضرور یاد رکھیں۔

!سب کے دادی دادا اور نانی نانا ایک جیسے ہی ہوتے ہیں۔ خوبصورت دل

Jahaan tak mujhay yaad hai wo aasamani aur grey kaproon mai bohta achi lagteen theen.Haanlankai jab wo koi dark rang ka kapra pehenti thee to wo jawaan lagtee thee.Lekin mujhay wo pheekain rang kai shalwar kameez mai aur patli see chutya mai hee achi lagteen theen.

Khanay kai baad mujhay apnay kamra mai bula tee theen dil na bhi chahay to batain karteen thee.Apnay saaf suthray kamray kai konay mai apnay choray say fridge mai say chum chum aur chotay walay gulaab jamun mujhay apnay paas betha kar daitee theen.
Mai meethai kee shoqeen baray mazay say kha jate thee,phir un kai saath late bhi jatee thee.Lekin jaisai wo sooteen theen mai chupkay say kamray say nikal jaat thee,bhala hum to bachay thay.Khailnay ka mawqa haath say janay dain…ho hi nahi sakta! 😛

jab koi bhai peechay bhaag rahay hotai thay to bas hum bhaag kar dadi kai peechay chup jatay thaai.Aur ab kia hona thaa un ko Dadi say daant pitty thee.Chahay kuch kia ho ya na ho”Kyon bachi ko sata rahay ho.” Ye bolti theen wo!Phir kabhi kisi bhai ko bula teen thee aur unko kahteen thee is kai liye wo wali bubble aur wo wala chips ka packet aur wo noodle ka packet lao…aur haan door kai jao aur bhaag kai ana!

Mai unhain bohat bahadur samajhtee thee.Wo meray saamnay apnay aapko injection jo laga laiteen thee,beghair roye.Mai to zaroor roti thee,injection say darte thee.Nahi pata tha us waqt kai ye Insulin ka injection hota hai! Sab unka bohat ehteraam kartay kartay thay.Mujhay unki shakal aur choti choti batain yaad hain.Unkay kamray ki setting bhi yaad hai.Wo jo burqa pehenti theen us ka rang bhi yaad hai!

Lekin ab wo is dunya mai nahi hain.Lekin un kee yadain abhi abhi aik dam hamaray dil o demaagh mai taza haain Wo meri Dadi Ammi theen! Is post ka maqsad ye hai kay hum apnay buzorgon jo ab hamaray saath is dunya main nahi hain unko apni duaon main zaroor yaad rakhain.

Sab kay Daadi Dada aur Naani Nana aik jaisay hotay hain.Khobsorat dil.



Pakistan Zindabad! 💚  — August 14, 2017
Friday! 🕌 — June 16, 2017
Dark & Light — May 23, 2017
Reigning back focus — May 22, 2017
Longer — May 15, 2017


The longer I stay awake, the more I walk,
The more I walk, the more my legs ache!

Desperately begging for me to stop,
But my racing thoughts won’t allow it.

Until I shut my eyes tight,
And enter the world of dreams.

Where midnight madness ends,
But nightmares begin to scream.