Phases — March 17, 2018


I had written this a few months ago but today found the perfect picture to go with it.phases


Beauty and the beast — November 15, 2017

Beauty and the beast

Took this picture today morning. I like the layers. How it goes from darkness to sunlight and then to the beautiful blue November sky. (Also the texture.)
So I thought I should share.
Smile. 😀






Tonight  — November 12, 2017



Wrote something just now.

(I didn’t take this picture it was friends display pic on WhatsApp.)

Dark & Light — May 23, 2017

Dark & Light

hope bloomed wpINKY

Photo 46 — August 22, 2016

Photo 46

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 8.58.48 PM.jpeg

Some hover over the flight of stairs that lead to success.Others  just might keep limping if they desire to reach their destination.



You aren’t broken. — March 13, 2016

You aren’t broken.


A friend then commented by saying:

oh well … you could be sand that can be moulded to glass, and ultimately glass that can be broken. 😛

Ssshh. XD

Them and I —

Them and I

them and I

★Dark-Starry nights ★ — March 4, 2016

★Dark-Starry nights ★


Hope — February 27, 2016


An old pic.

It is sad that I can’t exactly show you how beautiful the sky was.The layers of colours and how silent the night was.The way we followed the moon all the way.And it followed us.That way we reached our destination!

If only I could touch the moon.Just once that night.


I hope the quote makes up for the picture quality. 🙄

For my Mama <3 — January 11, 2016

For my Mama <3


I read They deserve more by Hiba on IN THE BLISS OF BROKEN DREAMS.

You all HAVE to read it.It’s a reminder for us all of how our parents deserve so much more than we give them.Keeping them happy is our confirmed ticket to Jannah In sha Allah. 🙂

Just after commenting on her post,I was reminded of how I had once written a few lines for my mother.They’re r actually nothing,it was just an attempt to describe of how unique and beautiful my mother is. ❤

They are just very simple sentences but she liked them. ^^’

I am the pebble.She is the mountain of sweetness.
There are alot of beautiful people on this planet.I can’t ever be thankful enough,because one of them is with me.
When I am lost she is my compass.( I know GPS would be more of this century but I like compass. 😛 )
She makes me see the white when I see all black.
‘Tears-feeling’s that can’t be bottled in’ a friend had said.Well if my tears are the oceans in this world they still can’t describe how much I love my mother.
Best for last! She loved this one the most!
If I were to give her something big and beautiful.I’d snatch the full moon from the night sky and plant it in her caring hands but whats the light of the shining moon in front her smiling face.