Is shab ka faryaadi 🌙 — July 5, 2016

Is shab ka faryaadi 🌙

Is zang alood demagh aur raakh jaisay kaalay dil,

Kay saath ay Ilaahi  hazir hoon darbaar main teray!


Bay shak o shubah is banday nay kiye hain gunah,

Arsaa e daraaz say is jahaan main teray!


Ghaliban ik gunah na ho saka, na kia ay Mola,

Ay Rabb,kay kami samjhi ho rehmat main teray!


Pas is naiki kay saath hazir hon ya Rabb,

Issi naiki kay waastay,maghfirat farmaday!


Andhairay hata day,roshni dekhaday,

Mray is khaali dil ko apnay ishq mai doba day!


اللَّهمَّ إنَّك عفُوٌّ تُحبُّ العفوَ فاعْفُ عنِّي

Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annee
O Allah you are forgiving, you love forgiveness, so forgive me.





Tulo e Aaftab — February 13, 2016

Tulo e Aaftab

 طلوع آفتاب نہ دیکھا تو ہے بہتر خود کشی  
امید کی کرن نہ دیکھی تو ہے بیکار یہ زندگی  


Tulo e aaftab na dekha to hai behtar khud kushi
Umeed ki kiran na dekhi,to hai baykaar ye zindagi

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Any good Urdu poem that you read and liked.Do tell me. 🙂




🌹 جلا ہوا گلاب تھا وہ — November 7, 2015

🌹 جلا ہوا گلاب تھا وہ

Accidentally inked on: 8/6/15
Accidentally inked on: 8/6/15


Title: Jala howa gulaab tha.

Gham ke konwain mein dooba tha wo,

Tanhai kai ghaar mai rehta tha wo.

Khaamoshi kai qilai mai panah laita tha wo,

Insaan ki hasrat to jaanta tha wo.

Dard o dukh samajh na ka talib tha wo,

Mehnat o  mushaqqat ka aalim tha wo.

Magr lutf o maza na jaanta tha wo,

Chaand ki chamak ko na pahchaanta tha wo.

Dosroon ko khush rakhna apna maqsad samajhta tha wo,

Muskorahat kai peechai apna gham chupa deta tha wo.

Umeed bharay dil ka shayad malik tha wo,

Khuda ka yaqeenan aabid tha wo,

Magr mot/maut ka yaqeenan sabir tha wo.

The original one was… — October 24, 2015

The original one was…

The original was the URDU one. 😀
If you don’t know what I am talking about then go check the post here. 😛

Thank you all for your nice comments.It is always encouraging to read your comments.Do let me know of any mistakes if you find any. XD

Speaking about comments…

Sulphur man commented,part of his comment said:

Kinda reminded me of that sher by Ghalib
“Kaaba kis muh se jaoge Ghalib
Sharam tumko magar nahi aati”

This reminded me of a shair as well but not Ghalibs though.Let me first tell you a lil background about the poem.

So a little more about the poem… I had written the first one when I was supposed to be studying Khairz.Second one which is the English version was for a friend who couldn’t understand Urdu. 🙄

I think it was a good idea that I tried to make an English version since most people understand English.Nonetheless,I love the Urdu one more. ❤ It has more power and obviously originality. 😛 When I had finished the Urdu one I was glad I wrote something which had something to say and might make the reader ponder about life.

To be honest sometime later a thought just hit me.The whole of the poem can be summarised very easily and the funny thing is that it had been,I just didn’t realise it.

The picture that I wanted to display,the message I wished to deliver the reminder that I intended to present was in that poem.The essence however can be put in a few words that were penned by the great poet Allama Iqbal. 😎

He said:

Which transliterates to :

Khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki haalat naheen badlee,

Na ho jisko khayal aap apni halat ke badalne ka.

More over in the Quran also there is a verse that talks about this!

He just put that in his own poetic style.

“It is a fact that Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they bring about change in their own selves.” (13:11) QURAN

The End~

Original? —


I have been told by people to not ruin poems by trying to translate them or forming other versions,as I like to call it. But do I listen to them?

Nope. 🙄 Never have,never will. 😎

So this is one of those poem which I made two versions of.One is in ENGLISH and the other in URDU.What you have to do is guess which one is the ORIGINAL one.Whether you know both languages or not feel free to comment and let me know what you think. 😀

Oh and firstly I will be posting the English version since majority of my readers here understand English.

Secondly,the Urdu version.I know there are alot of people who understand Urdu as well. 🙂

Lastly, the transliteration.(Note: Roman Urdu and I have had funny incidents.I hope you understand it though.) 😛

So I hope you like the poem and get the message that I intend to present.If you find any mistakes let me know.Please and Thank you!


Sharam is soorat ko aati nahi,
Jhoot bolnay se ye zuban katrati nahi!

Ghalat dekhnay se ye aankh baaz aati nahi,
Quran sunai ke ye kaan aadi nahi!

Masjid ki taraf ye paaon jatay nahi,
Dil o dimagh bargaahe illahi main mangtai nahi!

Phir  bay basee se kahtai hai aik dam janaab,
Zindagi hamein khosyaan dekhati nahi!

Accidentally inked in JUNE 2015

♥ امید — September 19, 2015