You aren’t broken. — March 13, 2016
Fistful — March 12, 2016


I took a fistful of burned rose petals and threw them in the air.

I knew I was making a mess but I really didn’t care.

To stop me from watching them,no one did dare.

So I was left alone accompanied with thoughts and all I did was stare.




Tiny pieces crushed,burned and crumbled.

Like people scarred,broken and humbled.



They took flight with all their might,

To directions they themselves derived.

Like people who go away but promised,

That they will no doubt unite.



They flew along as long as they could,

But then they were there,where others stood.

Like when for people above and below is soil that lies,

That is when they and we actually unite.


The End!




Inspiration — January 23, 2016


My first time participating for the..

Tan tan taaa!

So this months theme for TTT is

To Inspire

So here I am trying to write something related to the topic. XD Jade,don’t kill me if it’s too bad.

If you ask me what inspiration my is.My answer would probably a mess.Like this:

I don’t know.I guess my inspiration can be anything! *o* Sometimes it’s just I try to hold on to the words rushing in my head, so maybe my inspiration are my thoughts? Sometimes I just look at a pic or a scene I if I feel the scene or ponder about,I just try to put it into words. :’) At times someones actions that inspire me.

Maybe it’s the way that the grains of sand stick to my feet or how the blue sky makes we want to take flight.Perhaps it’s the way how the world is so broken,dry and scary yet we have strings of thoughts,pocket of good deed and a big sack of hope that still keeps the earth intact.That sometimes inspires me..?

I’m still figuring out the answer.All I know for now is that my answer cannot ever possibly be completed.Traveling through time we find ourselves in different paths,accompanied by various thoughts,emotions.experiences,tales and the list goes on.One thing is confirmed,we are never satisfied thus is the case with my reply to ‘What is your inspiration?’

Inspiration can be anything and everything.You show me high beautiful mountains and I may not be inspired at all. The way I noticed the dust beneath my feet.Trust me I can end up being inspired and would write about my thoughts! 🙂


Once a friend of mine had a display picture of a heart but it seemed very unique.At first I liked it and told myself to compliment.The next time I saw the picture,I changed my mind.That dp was beautiful but when I started connecting my thoughts and noticed the other side of it,it didn’t look good anymore.Thus,I ended up writing about it. 🙄


I wish I could show you the picture but I can’t seem to find it. :/  Anyway,here goes…

Hope in a human being;no word can wholly describe it,verily.The intensity of hope in a humans heart differs,always.Hope has always been unique,pleasing and undoubtedly phenomenal.

Like snowflakes,perhaps.The delicate creativity withheld in them is immeasurable.
Similar to hope,they reside in different parts,different lands and also in different hearts.
The sight if when all those inexplicable and unexampled little figures,descend from the chilled sky is absolutely,to die for.They have something to show the world.They display natures magic.
Similarly,hope shows the world the enchantment of tiny variety of emotions growing into a lovely form with rare and beautiful endings.

The miserable fact is the fact is that the snowflakes don’t always fall in every place or every land.Hope isn’t always born,doesn’t always stay.It does not occupy every heart,every day.At times all a human heart has is the four chambers of vacuum.
The melancholy of this tale doesn’t end here.
Whats more depressing is to see those beauties be melted by warmth.
It is even more painful to let a hearts hope burn away or more specifically evaporate into the air.Leaving behind the atmosphere in the heart dark,dull and worst of all hopeless.

There is not one reason,but more,for why hope vanishes.
It could be a seemingly logical comment,thrown up like spears that are aimed straight for the heart,to shatter it to bits!Or it could be a smirk on a stern face that indicated that the worst is yet to happen.Or even one of those thoughts that make you feel worthless!

The very important thing to keep in your mind is that just like snow flakes hope will return and that itself is hope.A spark hope that lights the heart.similar to the first snowflake you see in winter. ❤

~INKY (I’m back to posting on Saturdays.)

~This my 50th post. Yay! 😎 ~


~Insert title of poem here~ — December 26, 2015

~Insert title of poem here~


Surrounded by people she does not deeply know,

Drowned in thoughts that every night glow.


In the darkness of the night when everybody’s asleep,

She thinks about death and then starts to weep.


Will she be strong enough to do what’s right,

Will doing so give her a future bright?


She thinks about a lot and all that she can be,

But in her thoughts she does consider defeat.


Because by living her life she has realised that,

Life is truly unpredictable and that’s a fact.


A fact that we can no longer ignore,

Sometimes we hate it sometimes we adore.


For this dear human is a blessing in disguise,

A spark of joy in sadness is truly a neat surprise.


But there are always times when we do forget,

And join the shadows of grief and distress.


Why do we forget that life’s a test,

And these little things we must not detest,


For only Allah knows what’s the best.

Though keeping this in mind and thinking about all that’s divine

She still wonders will life ever be fine?

2014- Peshawar Attack — December 16, 2015

2014- Peshawar Attack


(With some encouragement I am finally publishing this.Sigh.)

The heading says it all.

I assume most of you know what this post is going to be about.


If I let them:

All  the scenes, can be replayed.

The numbers increasing,blood stained ground,cries of mother and dead bodies,in school.

All emotions,can be refelt.

Emotions being feeling depressed,being lost in the cave of devastation or perhaps just pure misery and shock.

All those thoughts,rushing again.Like  mustangs running from a wild forest fire.

Will come to life,again.

All those question will repeat.Maybe even repel and more questions perhaps will be reborn.

Not all maybe answered,satisfaction not quenched and that spark of hope harder to find.

Only if I let them!



I can recall some of the sentences that were repeatdly.

Dua is the only weapon we have – lets not forget its a strong one 🙂

This planet shouldn’t be called earth anymore because that’s where humanity and sanity existed!

I never knew angels could die until that day. 😥

InnaAllah ma’as sabireen!

I remember trying to escape the lava of comments on the social media with the title of the Volcano being PESHAWAR ATTACK.

I hoped a checking a friends blog post will get me distracted.

Unfortunately,what I feared and hoped not to happen was what exactly happened.

Toto  had this.

Maria had this.

But there was one thing that made me smile and I saw pinches of hope.It was a poem by Khulood Baha another blogger form WP.

She wrote the following poem:


It was a bright and very beautiful day,
when the kids of Peshawar made their way,
to their school, carrying their bags,
big and heavy on their backs…

On the sixteenth of December, in the bitter cold,
wearing hats and gloves, looking at their parents they told,
“I don’t want to go”, some persuaded,
others were used to it, for the bus they waited.

“It’s gonna be fun, you’ll enjoy”,
His mother assured, and kissed her boy.
Looking at her son, feeling proud,
waving as he faded into the crowd.

Little did she know, it was her last gaze,
her last moment with her son, or his last phase.

The Peshawar attack..

It all started when a couple of armed men showed,
frightening the kids, with their guns which they load.

Killing mercilessly, every innocent kid,
ignoring the fact that their faces weren’t hid.
As they say “Allahu Akbar”, and shooting,
accepting it my mind keeps refusing.

They went and never came back…
for their loss there’s no pay back..

Just for you to know..

You can crush the flowers
but can’t stop the spring,
you can posses all the powers,
but you can’t over-power the king.

You can destroy the nation,
but you can’t destroy Islam,
you can destroy the foundation,
but definitely not our Iman.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace…

Say Ameen.

I hope that put a smile on someones face.

Mein Aisi Qaum Se Hoon Jiske Woh Bachon Se Darta Hai.

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