Reigning back focus — May 22, 2017
Shades of blue — April 11, 2017

Shades of blue


I do wonder why the sky is blue and here is my reply of why the sky is blue.

When someone feels blue, they look up or try to.
If they’re lucky there will be someone behind them,
that helps them to, look up.

And when they do the sky absorbs that blue, their sadness.
No matter what intensity of sadness it is.
Whether the sadness maybe as little as shade of baby blue,
or with bit more of misery.
Perhaps, navy blue.

As the day progresses the sky becomes darker and darker.
Since every passing second, it has absorbed,
someone’s misery into it’s vast existence.
As the night falls, the sky starts to lose the azure,
and becomes almost black.


The sky maybe be black late at night.
But people have been healed.
People will have lighter blue hearts.
The following day the entire cycle begins again.


Why do you think the sky is blue?
Would you guys answer it the same way my father did? XD
Love my Baba! ❤

blue baba



Memories-Intro — April 3, 2017


Many of us consider our lives to be a story. All what we truly wish is a happy ending. Correct? According to me it wouldn’t be wrong to say that like all stories, our life is also based on chapters. Chapters of many kinds, like the stories we read. There are always chapters which are unforgettable. They may be filled with joy and laughter or tears and misery. Some ordinary and some out of the blue. There might even be some which are a bit blurry yet very clear. The bits of memories, of vivid images or hazy scenes, and traces of emotions, along with the bridge of time make our lives worthy to be called a story. A chapter story in which we cling on to some lessons learned, as we cross the bridge and move forward. Some chapters, teach us valuable lessons and others teach nothing at all. Perhaps.

This is an attempt to start a series called ‘Memories.’Please give me your honest feedback via comments down below or through email.It will help me improve! 😀 Stay tuned! 😉

Edit: Read Chapter 1 


Response to a poem — January 9, 2016

Response to a poem


I once read a pretty story
about a girl who wished for an ability
that could make her forget people
that were evil and hurtful
By speaking the words,
“This is finished.”
And her memories erased in a minute

I wish sometimes that I too
possessed such a powerful tool
if only to give my
tear soaked
mascara stained
a break


Response to ABILITY

 Then I thought of writing my thoughts out you see,
To show another side of this so called ability.
That could make people feel and rethink,
By not letting any bit of hope,anytime sink.
Thus with speaking the words,
‘I hope this goes well.’
I picked my companions,paper and pen.

I wish I could do better at this too,
use my thought wisely and as a powerful tool.
If only I could give my
ink filled,
torn papers,
a break.

*to be continued In sha Allah*
written on 10:05 6/12/15