Phases — March 17, 2018
Photo 34 — November 22, 2017

Photo 34

Assalamualaikum / Hi all. 😊

Here is a picture I took recently in the morning on my way to the bus stop.

I’d been wanting to take a picture like this since months.💔I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. 

I feel one reason I like sharing my pictures is I don’t want people to miss out. And take the time to note small things in life which Allah made for us.

Keep smiling and say SubhanAllah.💚

Take a look.

Small plant with lovely droplets
I was completely ahmazed by the arrangement of drops on this plant. 😍

Tonight  — November 12, 2017
Day 28: Status update  — October 28, 2017

Day 28: Status update 

A very simple post about status update. I use WhatsApp alot and since now it has a way to share your story or your status for 24 hours I use that. Instead of sending people pictures and clips separately.

Be sure to read till the end.

In the morning as I was checking some grouo chats,  I came across a lovely video with the following words:

Thus, I shared it as my status.

In the afternoon, I ended up posting this with a caption.

I really wish I take a picture like this some day. Or similar to it.

It was my DREAM to take a picture like this and I did! In my DREAM. (Which is true.) Now I’m just waiting for that dream to become reality. 🌼

But that’s what’s wrong, am I right? We wish, we dream and then we wait. We don’t do much about it. But the day we push ourselves to do what pleases us and what seemed like a dream we will feel courageous. When we do what we thought we couldn’t is when we realize our might. When we finally do that with time the thought of not doing it seems like a dream. Because of how real our dream becomes on the end because of our struggle.
Here is another status update. I took the picture early morning, it might have fit the prompt glow…maybe? Anyway, here it is and of course with a caption! 😎

Dark soil and grass sunlight
The burried you under darkness but you grew into the light. Be proud of your might.♥️


Day 7: A lost key — October 7, 2017

Day 7: A lost key

With time her thoughts became as dangerous as poison and as dark as a grave, leading her  into a maze with no way out.

Except for one, that was to unlock the door of hope.With the lost key being poetry?which she had forgotten. Yet she picked up the pen filled with ink as dark as her heart and spilled poetry. Letting the white paper soak in her thoughts, emotions and misery and lighting her soul.

Day 1: Angel — October 2, 2017

Day 1: Angel

Zoya from this awesome blog said that I should give the writing prompt a go and here I am. ONE DAY LATE….I know. 😝

Btw don’t forget to read this lovely post by Safiyah
Last year some people in the University had organised this small activity where you write a note to you someone.Butit could be anything like a ridiculously funny joke, an apology, a confession or simply something sweet for appreciation. BUT the notes had to remain anonymous.The group who orgamised this would send a team memeber to then deliver the mesaage (and any other item that you sent) without saying a word of who it’s from.

I too participated in this and sent note to a lovely friend of mine.As I reached home I soon discovered that she had figured out it was me and was very very happy for what I had written for her.The next day while I was waiting for the Proffessor to make her entry a student whom I’d never seen before came up to me and handed me a small piece of paper. Better late than never, huh?! You guesses it! I got a note  from a friend. Amongst all usual Uni stress and having a bad day, reaching home late etc. this note was something that gave me positive energy and a reason to smile more. Alhamdulillah for such lovely friends. 💖 

Now you must me wondering how is all this related to the word prompt ANGEL.Umm thank you for your patience that you read rill here. Haha! Well, the girl who gave me the note, her name/nickname is Angel. 😇

To say thank you to her I wrote a little something that I’d like to share.
​Pieces of paper, before me stands. 

Unexpected beauty, I did not demand. 
Words in mauve, in my hand.

Heart full of joy, oh so Grand.
Given from a friend, I should foever thank.

Because she’s an Angel, of high rank.


What my blog could have been called.. — September 6, 2017

What my blog could have been called..

This is a different type of post. 😊

I’ll be sharing a list out of which I choose Accidentally Inked for my blog domain name on WP. Some are very weird with zero sense.

You have been warned. 😂

  1. Leaked thoughts 
  2. Burning ink (imagine a pen on fire) 🔥 
  3. Leaked Inked thoughts (what even)🤔
  4. Catching words (imagine someones holding a net and words falling from the sky)
  5. Accidentally Inked (Winner!) 💜
  6. Moonlover (I am a Selenophile afterall)🌛
  7. Flying thoughts 💭 ✈ 
  8. Day dream come true (Honest!)
  9. Purplephille person 
  10. Bidde iktub (which translates to I wanna write in Syrian dialect…I hope 😅 or else my Arabic…I’m inventing my own Arabic.)
  11. Sprayed thoughts
  12. Firing words 🔫 
  13. Words on stage (you’re thinking whether or not I have a mental issue..huh? 😐
  14. Words staged 😔 
  15. Forest of words (sigh)
  16. Blast of thoughts (face palm)
  17. Penned with a feather 😎 

Was it hard for you to decide a name for your blog?

If my blog wasn’t accidentally Inked what would/should it be from the list above? 😂

Reigning back focus — May 22, 2017
What are burned roses? — November 14, 2015

What are burned roses?

Once upon a time 🙄 a couple of months ago, during summer 😎 while making my way up to my room there popped a question: What are burned roses?

At first I myself was boggled by such a random question. 😮 Never did I think I would question myself this.I was lost in thought of how I connected two random words.Yes,I get distracted. 😛

Later on,I tried to answer it 🙂 and the fact is I could not give an answer that could reach the level of satisfaction.I had more than one reply for the question I was asked.

The following are the ways I answered the question.

Please note this isn’t supposed to be related to my previous post 🌹 جلا ہوا گلاب تھا وہ. However I would like to tell you that after I had answered this question another question came up and I answered it in a poetic-ish way. 😀 I will be sharing that also.Here it is!

Oh and if you have any answers for the question do tell.Plus,let me know which one you liked.

What are burned roses?

They resemble beautiful people who were hit by the cruelty of this world without, the opportunity of grabbing onto hope.

What are burned roses?

They are people whose thoughts are unfathomable, they fake smile often. Deep down their heart roars as the thunder and sadness strikes them like lightning. In the darkness of the night when all creatures are asleep that’s when they, to themselves weep.

What are burned roses?

They are like people who were previously known as optimist but time drained all the hope out of them.

What are burned roses?

They were innocent homo sapiens (like you and I) but were killed for reasons beyond anyone’s comprehension.

What are burned roses?

They are people who fall into deep hole of misery because their creativity was titles ‘rubbish’ and their thoughts labelled ‘lame’.

What are burned roses?

They are those people who called death to their door steps, because of the fact that they believed that they weren’t strong enough to win the battles .

Blogger Recognition Award — October 24, 2015

Blogger Recognition Award

This is another AWARD POST YAY 😀

The bold,black and italic text are the rules of the award.Okay? 😛  Enjoy!

Thank whoever nominated you and give a link to their blog.

Thank you so much Khushboo for this award.It really means alot to me.She is a very sweet person and an ahmazing writer.Check out her blog -> Here!

Provide a link to the award creator.

Who is the creator? Idontknow. 😛
Attach the award to the blog.


Select 15 other bloggers to award.

You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
Write a post to show off your award.

I hereby nominate the following bloggers for this award:


Give a brief story of how your blog started.


I had been reading alot of blogs in this summer and I used to comment and follow via email.My friends had always encouraged me to keep writing and were always there to hear me blabber about my new poem and how I had ended up writing it.They would suggest that I make a blog but I would just tell them that is just a day dream which was true.I would have other reasons/excuses like I’m too lazy to make one.Or that I don’t write that well as others(which is also true] so who would want to hear me out,read what I’ve written.I wanted to make a blog but I always felt like what if I am just wasting the readers time.

Online friends would ask me if I have Tumblr which I didn’t and they would always suggest I make an account there but I wanted to make it here.

With some more encouragement from friends,fellow bloggers and my sister.More of accidentally inking poems and stuff.I decided I should try.Well I had decided a bit before but officially by my parents permission..

On the afternoon of 14,August,2015 accidentally inked was born. 😀

Tan tan taaa… 🙄

Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.

Be original.

Dont get discouraged by seeing how more wonderfully others can write.When you keep trying you will notice a difference in the way you present your ideas.

It would be better if you read Aliyahs blog post here and also the comments she and the other bloggers mentioned some great tips. (:

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them.

I will do that after I post this. 😛