How often do we used this word? At what times are we reminded of this word?When does this word touch you,means something to you,expresses your emotion?When does this comes straight from the pure side of your heart?

Let’s think about it.

When you reply to a ‘How are you?’,you often add,Alhamdulillah.If you don’t then you should!Oh and also when you sneeze,you say it.There also other times when we say it when we get something we asked for and when we are saved from any sort of difficulty.The fact is we need to use this word more than we already do,way more than we already do.Even when say Alhamdulillah or Alhamdulillah ala kulle haal we  need to thank Allah SWT who made us healthy enough for us to say it.Alhamdulillah that Allah Taa’la gifted us a functioning brain,a tongue with which utter this word!

To be honest there are alot of things we are blessed with but we don’t realise or take them for granted,dozens of things we are blessed with but we forget and keep complaining!Sometimes we come to a point that we actually become sad,feel inferior though we have so much!One of the ways to make yourself feel instantly happy is to think about all the good that you have.Like my Mama always says:There are people who have worse than this.When I was little I didn’t really understand as much as I do now.Alhamdulillah.

So here I am,I wanted to share something here related to this,related to remembering Allah and thanking him.So here goes!

In Bio class we were studying inheritance and I had a doubt.My teacher is always there to answer my question as best as she can.Although sometimes my doubts are umm quiet unique,I don’t hesitate to ask her my doubts.But that day I had a doubt in my doubt that kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t focus.I knew I had to clear my head so I waited for her to finish.I was really determined to get an answer for that question in my mind to earn some satisfaction.However,somehow I just felt that my question was not framed properly,I had to modify it and I did and as soon as I got the chance I asked her my doubt.She answered it.The answer unfortunately was what I feared most and expected.

I turned my head to the back,where my friends sat.Just behind me one looking at me and the other trying to jot down some notes.I said to them. ‘Yar,hum bohat normal hain,bohat.‘(Yar,we’re so normal, very normal.)They both half smiled and nodded in agreement.

I noticed through my blurred side vision that a girl on the next row staring at me.Perhaps, what I had I had said to my friends ignited some curiosity? I used the words ‘we’ and ‘normal’ in the same sentence.You will always hear people say, ‘You’re crazy!’ or also ‘Were crazy!’ just for fun obviously.BUT you will not hear many people say,’We’re normal.‘,or people who realise it!

I turned back to my original place and position as the lecture was not yet over and uttered the word ‘Alhamdulillah‘ loud enough so as to make sure that the words reach my ears and heart.

There was a disease that we learned about in Biology class.It is called Hutington disease.It was my first time hearing about it.

It causes neurological disorder and involving involuntary movements etc.It further leads to mental decline,unfortunately this results in behavioral problems. This is because brains cells are lost.

I felt bad for these people.I felt hurt that some people are born this way.I wanted to know if there was any cure for such a disaster.I was then reminded that this chapter we were studying was INHERITED CHANGE,so no cure.But then I thought I can ask about if this can be improved,the condition of the patient,unfortunately the answer was no!

In addition to that,these people do not know they have this disease until about 35-40 years and by that time they are married and have children.Half of whom are prone to this condition.They are abnormal so will their children be, if God wills.

Take a moment to thank God for all that He has given you.Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah ala kulle haal!