I once read a pretty story
about a girl who wished for an ability
that could make her forget people
that were evil and hurtful
By speaking the words,
“This is finished.”
And her memories erased in a minute

I wish sometimes that I too
possessed such a powerful tool
if only to give my
tear soaked
mascara stained
a break


Response to ABILITY

Β Then I thought of writing my thoughts out you see,
To show another side of this so called ability.
That could make people feel and rethink,
By not letting any bit of hope,anytime sink.
Thus with speaking the words,
‘I hope this goes well.’
I picked my companions,paper and pen.

I wish I could do better at this too,
use my thought wisely and as a powerful tool.
If only I could give my
ink filled,
torn papers,
a break.

*to be continued In sha Allah*
written on 10:05 6/12/15