We are soldiers,fighting.
Struggling for existence with a burning desire for satisfaction.
We need an armour for our broken past and unpredictable future.
We will always need to hear a tale of inspiration to let reborn that spark of hope!

We aren’t drowning.We’re learning to swim.
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In the saltiest of waters you will learn to breathe;
And strength shall you find in agony.

You are not a shipwreck.

You have found yourself in tears and suffocating lungs; have forgotten to breathe. You are drowning. The water is everywhere. Your blood runs heated through your veins, desperate to get to your muscles but seemingly failing. You cannot move, cannot breathe. The sails have all been torn.

There is nothing and no one to offer you help. And you do not know how to fix any of it. Not yourself, not the waves and not the cruel wind from the South and North and East and West. You feel incapable but it is so urgent; you need to save yourself from being shattered, you need to do something!

I cannot.

But you need to.

I do not know how.

You still cannot surrender to death. It is extremely important.

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