This was another attempt at taking pictures from a different angles.If you’ve seen my previous post you’d notice that it’s the same grass(plant).

Today,we focus on the flowers that are hidden in this greenery!I can’t stand them being unnoticed,any longer.

I’d be happy if you take a look at those lil’ beauties but before that I want to tell you what I learned through my observations.You aren’t reading a chapter from a Botany book so don’t expect scientific terms here. Please and thank you! 🙄

Alot of you might have seen this grassy plant.(I don’t know what this  grass is called in English.)

However,I’m sure about 50% of you might have never caught sight of these precious flowers.

These flowers are very tiny so it’s hard to focus on them.

They are a sweet light shade of magenta. ^^’

They are awaken by the sun.

Since,they don’t have to go to work or anything.They wake up late.So you won’t probably see them early morning though the sun will be out.They wake up when the sunshine hits their face directly. XD

Wow,bravo for my description. :/ It’s all broken.Though,I’m sure you’re courageous enough to continue.I hope.

Alot of butterflies pay a visit to them.Guess what? Most of the butterflies are light pink ish.There are also other butterflies usually white wings with some black tattoos.Otherwise creamy with dark spots sort of designs.But don’t be fooled there are also moths which look like these butterflies.

I was all ready to take pictures of butterflies until after focusing I realised it was a moth. 😛

There are some honey bees plus grass hoppers that give company to this plant.

After sunset,they all vanish as if they were never here.It really seems like a fantasy,but it isn’t  and that’s why I took pictures.My evidence. 😎

Night time you can hear the cricket sing.Perhaps it is a lullaby for the grass.Oh and before you go to sleep with my lame description please go ahead and take a look.



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We have eyes to see so much.Sadly we don’t,always.

Nature never seeks attention,though I wish it demanded it!


فَبِأَيِّ آلَاء رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?