Surrounded by people she does not deeply know,

Drowned in thoughts that every night glow.


In the darkness of the night when everybody’s asleep,

She thinks about death and then starts to weep.


Will she be strong enough to do what’s right,

Will doing so give her a future bright?


She thinks about a lot and all that she can be,

But in her thoughts she does consider defeat.


Because by living her life she has realised that,

Life is truly unpredictable and that’s a fact.


A fact that we can no longer ignore,

Sometimes we hate it sometimes we adore.


For this dear human is a blessing in disguise,

A spark of joy in sadness is truly a neat surprise.


But there are always times when we do forget,

And join the shadows of grief and distress.


Why do we forget that life’s a test,

And these little things we must not detest,


For only Allah knows what’s the best.

Though keeping this in mind and thinking about all that’s divine

She still wonders will life ever be fine?