A friend wanted to as me about how I was doing and what was I up to but as soon as she asked, ‘Whats up these days?’

She immediately added, ‘..except for studies and pictures.’

This is because for about one week,part of my routine was taking pictures of the morning sky and showing her.Just yesterday she told me to leave the poor clouds alone.But will I listen? Obviously.no. 🙄 In sha Allah I will take pictures today also. 😎

So today I will show you the beauty of sky which is still undefined.The majestic,unique and very cute clouds,which remind me of snow.Although I have NEVER seen snow in reality. 😥

There is something I want to tell you dear visitor before you continue with this post.I am that kind of person who takes atleast three pictures of a scene.Do any of you do the same? XD

I tend to notice the differences and I sincerely do admire them.I KNOW that where I stand the sky has a beautiful shade of blue perhaps contaminated with some grey in addition to the slightly dull orange. Plus,with uniquely shaped clouds.

I ALSO know if I turn to my left and look up,I am sure that it will be a whole new world there.The sky might be the same shade of blue,almost.But the way the clouds move or set them selves with the sunbeams hitting them from different angles,gives  that scene a new sense of originality.

So what I wanted to say was I have alot of pictures.Deciding what to post and what not to is hard.More importantly I don’t want to waste your time or bore you with similar pictures.:P

I thought of asking someone to help me in choosing the pictures.Later,I changed my mind.I should do this myself.

I shall stop blabbering now.Okay? Okay.

Here it goes! 😀

2015-03-07 07.08.05
Morning walk on dark days.

Looking up when  feeling down,is an art we have yet to master.

DSC_0082 1
Just look up.


The blue sky is blue like blue bubblegum
But it prays to Allah
It prays to Allah

And like the flavour of the blue sky
And the bubblegum won’t last
We’ve got to thank Allah
Before our chances go past!

Credits to Dawud Wharnsby for that ^

This one reminds me of some wall paper. XD


Non identical twins.

Twin 1!
Twin 2!
Trees tryin to touch the sky.

Sometimes we need to ignore the  buildings and stare at the vast skies.

From where I stand the trees are obviously closer to sky than I am. 😦

SubhanAllah! Just take deep breath and say SubhanAllah!

Here comes the sun!

Another SubhanAllah!

The summary of a hadith tells us that for every time you say SubhanAllah a tree is planted for you in Jannah. ❤

If you look closely you will see a bird on the right.

Those trees will be better than the trees below. XD

Viola! Perfection!
Hide and seek.
*o* Wohoo that glow!

I feel sorry for people who are blind or colour blind.They cannot see all that we see.

Actually,being honest I feel more sad for people who have good eyes but don’t bother to see the beauty that is placed above their heads. 😦

They are,in  a way deprived of the joy that  you earn when you take the time to look up and an ahmazing sky awaits you.

I had to complete some chore but got distracted because of these colours!

Finally you are near the end mon amie.Bravo! When I showed the following picture to my friend I accidentally ended up writing this.At first it was just one sentence but I just continued.

Looking at the sky gives us a sense of freedom though us humans cannot take flight.

Just imagine those people who sleep under the open sky because of bombs,or reborn hatred.

Their sky?The sky that was to be a sign of freedom turns into flames.All the memories build in there countries through the ages, burn within them as they gaze at the vast sky,lost in thoughts move swiftly to dream land which is their short period escape from reality.

~Nov 11, 2015


PS this one remind me of snow.

The fact is that we don’t even share the same sky with them most of the time. 😦

We need to erase the hatred created amongt us.

Although we cannot live the way they do or even think the they way do.We are still bonded by ropes of hope and knots of humanity.This is what keeps us going!

Let me know what you think of this.

I wont lie to you people.I did not do this myself,I needed help with choosing pictures.:P

Have a nice day.Oh and do NOT forget to look up and say hi to the sky!