I have been told by people to not ruin poems by trying to translate them or forming other versions,as I like to call it.Β But do I listen to them?

Nope. πŸ™„ Never have,never will. 😎

So this is one of those poem which I made two versions of.One is in ENGLISH and the other in URDU.What you have to do is guess which one is the ORIGINALΒ one.Whether you know both languages or not feel free to comment and let me know what you think. πŸ˜€

Oh and firstly I will be posting the English version since majority of my readers here understand English.

Secondly,the Urdu version.I know there are alot of people who understand Urdu as well.Β πŸ™‚

Lastly, theΒ transliteration.(Note: Roman Urdu and I have had funny incidents.I hope you understand it though.) πŸ˜›

So I hope you like the poem and get the message that I intend to present.If you find any mistakes let me know.Please and Thank you!


Sharam is soorat ko aati nahi,
Jhoot bolnay se ye zuban katrati nahi!

Ghalat dekhnay se ye aankh baaz aati nahi,
Quran sunai ke ye kaan aadi nahi!

Masjid ki taraf ye paaon jatay nahi,
Dil o dimagh bargaahe illahi main mangtai nahi!

Phir Β bay basee se kahtai hai aik dam janaab,
Zindagi hamein khosyaan dekhati nahi!

Accidentally inked in JUNE 2015